Trust Our Experienced Design Team With Your Project

If you require the expertise of a skilled designer for your project, turn to Beaverstone Consulting. We specialize in drafting and design solutions for our clients, including fabrication, 3D scanning, and engineering services.

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Committed to Excellence

At Beaverstone Consulting, we believe that self-sustenance is more than a concept. It is a key deliverable and an indicator of a successful project. We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently in everything we do.

Reverse Engineering – A Comprehensive Approach

Our multidisciplinary engineering team provides clients with the right blend of experience to meet their design challenges, no matter the scope. This setup allows us to be involved in all project stages, instead of only working in design or procurement.

Beaverstone Consulting uses the most up-to-date 3D programs. These programs allow for fully intelligent, 3D modeled database-driven drawings that are accurate and allow for the creation of isometric drawings complete with a bill of materials.

Project Management – The Path To Success

The most important factor in project success isn’t having a repeatable process or sophisticated methodology. The true key to success in this industry is prioritizing quality and competent project management.

This approach allows us to handle large-scale projects and complex work plans.

3D Lidar Scanning – As-Built Information – Unlimited Possibilities

Laser scanning technology plays a crucial role in the success of a construction project. It enables engineers to survey a piece of land to collect valuable information, create a virtual model, and make necessary changes before the development phase begins.

As part of this process, the advanced 3D laser scanning helps document the infrastructure faster and more accurately.

Reduced Field Time and Survey Costs

Capturing topographic data with land-based methods can be too expensive and time consuming. However, with a drone, this task can be accomplished up to five times faster and requires less manpower, which can help streamline project operations

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Map Inaccessible Areas

With its utilization of light, a 3D lidar scanner can reach a wider range than other tools would normally do. This helps us map areas that are typically inaccessible.

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