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Let Us Handle All Your Drafting and Design Needs

For anyone looking for accurate 3D modeling services, look no further than Beaverstone Consulting. We specialize in providing design, drafting, and 3D lidar scanning services for the architecture, engineering, and processing plant industries.


Core Values – Promise Less Deliver More

Our staff consists of engineers, project managers, technologist and technicians. 

We are small and responsive. Our knowledge of this business is very high and the likely hood of our staff to forecast problems before they occur is therefore, much higher. This translates into lower project risks related to industry-specific uncertainties.

Specializing in Drafting and Design

We strive to outdo ourselves with every project we take on. Delivering a personalized experience to all of our clients while effectively serving all their needs is our expertise.

Speak With Our Friendly Team

Our goal is to provide our clients with the design services they need for their work. For more information regarding our services, reach out to our team today.